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Ladies and Gentleman – Berlin Syndrome

Berlin - a place filled with dreams and desires. Where everything and nothing is possible. Where you experience things that make you question life on a daily basis...
Watch "Ladies and Gentleman" explore the crazy parts of our rough and wonderful city and create their own realities and stories.
Let's dive into the Berlin vibe!

Ladies and Gentleman are three women and one guy from Berlin, exploring the scope of improv theatre. Equipped with various improv backgrounds and biographies, the four of them playfully combine their skills to become romantic, quirky, lovable and absurd - with their main aim: To tell exciting stories!
Together they create shows based on real emotions combined with nonsense, drama with comedy, and daily life with fantasy. Inspired by classical theatre, they unleash colorful characters: Fearless heroines, beautiful losers, total nuts or plain and simple next people from next door with a genuine desire to fulfill one’s dream.

Sonntag, 20.05.2018, 19 Uhr, Eintritt: 12,-/8,- Euro
Samstag, 14.07.2018, 20Uhr, Eintritt: 12,-/8,- Euro