BühnenRausch - Improvisationstheater in Berlin








Follow Inbal Lori, Anne Autenrieb and Editha Kötter deep down the rabbit hole into their creepy crazy fantasies. Get lost in the tunnel system of their minds. Dream, breathe, wonder: This is an improvised show about childhood dreams and fears.
Inbal is world famous for her drastic jokes, fine storytelling and complex characters.
Anne (Tante EDMA's ImproLounge) captivates the audience with her exceptional narrating skills and her savvy sense of humor.
Editha (Foxy Freestyle) is renowned for her precise mime and physical play as well as for her brave yet playful way of pulling the strings. Be part of the big bang that is their first show together.


So., 03.12.2017, 19:00 Uhr, 12 Euro, ermäßigt 8 Euro